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The B.B. Bea Turban is a smart and easy to fit turban with a classic look. The simple and classic details makes this turban a great day wear turban. The turban is part of our Body Balance series and has been developed to maintain a core temperature at 37.5 degrees. This unique fabric feature captures and releases moisture vapour and leaves you comfortable and warm at all times. Due to the 37.5® Technology used, the turban has a cooling effect against the skin and will work with your body climate to ensure a core temperature of 37.5 degree. A fantastic and revolutionary chose of headwear.

- Beautiful classic details
- Single layered turban
- Extremely comfortable to wear
- Light turban
- Breathable
- Moisture capture and release function
- Unique licenced 37.5® Technology fabric feature
- Will keep you cool when warm and comfortable and warm when the body gets cold

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